A biography of james madison and de witt clinton a presidental candidates in 1812

The official us electoral college web site, providing current information about the presidential election, information about the roles and responsibilities of state election, 1812 president, james madison [d-r] main opponent, de witt clinton [f] electoral vote, winner: 128, main opponent: 89, total/majority: 217/ 109. The 7th presidential election in united states history-1812 president james madison vs dewitt clinton wednesday, 22 august 2012 by they also in three presidential elections in a row failed to nominate a serious challenger to the democratic-republican candidate after throwing charles pinckney out there twice in a. While mayor of nyc clinton was also able to serve as a new york state senator from 1806 to 1811, as new york lieutenant governor from 1811 to 1813, and as a us presidential candidate for the peace party in 1812 he lost the presidential race narrowly to james madison even though he had the support of the. George clinton (dem rep) james monroe john langdon (ind) for vp biography doesn't mention this james madison (dem rep) for vp he was elected president this year james monroe (dem rep) for vp 1812 de witt clinton (fed) jared ingersoll 1816 rufus king (fed) john marshall john eager howard (no.

The united states presidential election of 1812 was the seventh quadrennial presidential election it was held from friday, october 30 to wednesday, december 2, 1812, and took place in the shadow of the war of 1812 incumbent democratic-republican president james madison defeated dewitt clinton, who drew. Election of 1812 candidates party electoral vote popular vote james madison (virginia) elbridge gerry (mass) democratic-republican 128 dewitt clinton (new york) jared ingersoll until the election of 1824 note: three electors who had voted for clinton for president cast their vice presidential ballots for gerry. In our otl, james madison runs for re-election against dewitt clinton in 1812 and wins this. On may 18, a democratic-republican congressional nominating caucus nominated president james madison of virginia for re-election on may 29, a caucus of dissident democratic-republicans in the new york legislature nominated dewitt clinton, the nephew of the late vice president, who had.

In the 1812 contest james madison was reelected president by the narrowest margin of any election since the republican party had come to power in 1800 he received 128 electoral votes to 89 for his federalist opponent dewitt clinton, the lieutenant governor of new york elbridge gerry of massachusetts won the vice. Dewitt clinton ran a peculiar campaign for president in 1812, but still nearly defeated the incumbent james madison presidential candidates in the early 19th century did not campaign openly, and political messages in that era tended to be conveyed in newspapers and printed broadsheets. The turmoil on the high seas and on the american frontier led president james madison to send a message to congress in june 1812 that outlined the violations kelsey roggensack's video “the honourable dewitt clinton” introduces voters to dewitt clinton's candidacy, a figure largely lost to history. Clinton would be 69 in 1808, too old, jefferson anticipated, to challenge madison for the republican presidential nomination clinton had already de witt apparently persuaded his uncle that he was the only prospective candidate who could prevent burr from taking control of the state republican party george clinton.

It also resulted in the twelfth amendment to the constitution (ratified in 1804), which declared separate voting for presidential and vice-presidential candidates virginia the federalist party denounced the war as “mr madison's war,” and in a national convention, it nominated dewitt clinton seeking to gain support from. George clinton (july 26 [os july 15] 1739 – april 20, 1812) was an american soldier and statesman, considered one of the founding fathers of the united states he was governor of new george clinton was the brother of general james clinton and the uncle of new york's future governor, dewitt clinton george was. The presidential candidates and their political parties, number of electoral and popular votes received, and vice presidential candidates for every election from 1789 to 2008 are 1812 james madison (4th) de witt clinton dem-rep federalist 128 89 no record elbridge gerry (131) jared ingersoll (86).

A biography of james madison and de witt clinton a presidental candidates in 1812

That new york, which had nominated de witt clinton for the presidency irving brant, james madison: the president, 1809-1812 (indianapolis, 1956), 475 not the case in 1812 the usual treatment accorded the crucial vote in the senate for war has been merely a statement that on june 17, 1812, the senate voted for. Madison administration 1811 to june 1812 on march 4, 1809 james madison gave his short inaugural address before he took the oath of office as the fourth president of the united states under the constitution dewitt clinton was their presidential candidate, and the federalists made gains in new england clinton. February 18: his second son, john, is born 1812 april: in a close, heated race, is elected to the new york state senate over edward p livingston november: at the new york republican caucus, leads effort to secure new york's vote for dewitt clinton over james madison's reelection clinton wins new york's electoral.

  • The waging of war is the greatest challenge any person in national authority can face it is an all-consuming task it is an undertaking that can destroy both leader and nation of all governments, constitutional republics face the greatest challenge conscripting armies, rationing materials, the issuing and.
  • Year, presidential candidate, party, electoral votes 1789 1, george washington john adams scattering votes not cast, (no party) (no party) (no party), 69 34 james monroe votes not cast, dem-rep federalist ind (no party) dem-rep dem-rep 113 47 9 3 3 1 1812, james madison de witt clinton votes not cast, dem.

Results of the presidential election of 1812, won by james madison with 128 electoral votes candidate, party, electoral votes intriguing competition between incumbent democratic-republican president james madison and a dissident democratic-republican, dewitt clinton, nephew of madison's late vice president. 1808 james madison (although madison and pinckney were both southern slaveowners, i feel pinckney was so belligerent during the quasi-war period with france that i couldn't trust him 1812 dewitt clinton (the first real antislavery presidential candidate) 1996 ralph nader (at least that's who i voted for in real life. Just a month before the war of 1812 began, the democratic-republican members of congress met in a caucus and nominated james madison for not everybody was happy with this slate and the democratic-republicans in the new york legislature decided to support dewitt clinton, the mayor of new. In the united states presidential election of 1808, james madison easily defeated the federalist candidate charles cotesworth pinckney he won 122 electoral votes to pinckney's 47 and 647% of the popular vote in the 1812 presidential elections, madison defeated his own party's dewitt clinton he was.

a biography of james madison and de witt clinton a presidental candidates in 1812 United states presidential election of 1812: united states presidential election of 1812, american presidential election held in 1812, in which james madison defeated dewitt clinton madison had won a first term overwhelmingly in 1808, and his presidency was—and would continue to be—dominated by foreign affairs.
A biography of james madison and de witt clinton a presidental candidates in 1812
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